My research into metals began way back in 1989. I like to call myself a shape researcher. I develop in two directions - the production of unique handmade jewelry and the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage through souvenirs.

For those of you interested, my CV:

1990 - 2006 I study the jewelry trade in the jewelry shop of my father and brother, Alexandar and Nikola Rodic, Zagreb
1999     I was awarded the 1st Croatian Contest in the Design and Production of Artistic Jewelry 3. Award for the work “Red Clown for the Swarovski House (organized by“ Swarovski ”)
1999     I participated in an auction of art-crafted jewelry, Hotel “Sheraton”, Zagreb; Organizer - Croatian guide dog training association.
2000     At the Intercontinental Hotel, I participated in the Zagreb Golden Needle Fashion Show
2000     I was awarded the 2nd Croatian Competition in Design and Production of Artistic Jewelry 1. Award for "two versions of one ring"
2000     Group exhibition of author's jewelry - Zagreb, studio "Likum - Contempora"
2001     Joint Exhibition of Author's Jewelry - Paris, France, La Reine Margot Gallery
2004     I published an article "Gold - King of Metal, Metal of Kings" ("Meridian" magazine)
2005.    Solo exhibition of author's jewelry - Zagreb, Ethnographic Museum
2006     I became independent and opened my own JOR studio in Zagreb
2008     Solo exhibition of author's jewelry at the Varaždin City Museum
2008     Special prize for a bookmaker souvenir with Croatian natural heritage motifs at the “Souvenir Arca” fair, Zagreb,
2009     I start with the first series of jewelry “Jewelry as a souvenir”; motifs of Croatia's natural heritage
2009     Bronze Bookmaker Award with Beaver Motif, Ivanic-Grad Souvenir Contest
2010     Traveling solo exhibition of author's jewelry: Old Town Đurđevac Gallery; Križevci City Museum; Native Museum of Slatina; Sv. Franje, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2010     Cooperation with various Nature Parks and National Parks of Croatia, City Museum of Varazdin, Museum of Krapina Neanderthals…
2011     Collaboration with the Museum of Arts and Crafts at the exhibition "Art Deco in Croatia ..." (Jewelry Making as a Souvenir Inspired by the Exhibition Set)
2012     Collaboration with the Dubrovnik Museums, the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb…
2013     Solo exhibition of author's jewelry at the Museum of Slavonia, Osijek
2013     Group exhibition of author's jewelry - "Vision of the red thread", Gallery "Greta", Zagreb
2013     Collaboration with Museums: Zadar Archaeological Museum, Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb, Vinkovci City Museum, Ilok City Museum, Narona Archaeological Museum
2013     Ministry of Culture selects Jewelry as a souvenir for protocol purposes
2013     I became a member of “Jewelry Friends Club” association
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Exhibition at "Artomat" with members of the Jewelry Friends Club, organized by HDLU
2013     Solo exhibition of author's jewelry - Old Town Đurđevac Gallery
2014     Organization and presentation at the exhibition "Vis a vis", Mediatheque of the French Institute, Zagreb
2014     Participation in the Internet contest and exhibition "Jewelry exchange"
2014     participation in "Artomat"
2014     At the invitation of the Ministry of Culture, I gave a lecture on the affirmation of artists in the
Croatia at the Danube Arts & Crafts Festival, Ruse, Bulgaria
2015     I was admitted to ULUPUH (croatian association of applied artists)
2016     solo exhibition of art jewelry "From Nature to Heresy", Museum of Natural History Metković
2016     participation in "Artomat"
2017     participation in the "52 Zagreb Salon"
2018     Exhibition at "Artomat"


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